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Hailing from North Paris and Northern England, F.I.D.E.L pays tribute with Out Of Sight to the great Post-Disco, Boogie and New Wave pop songs that shaped the world’s collective unconscious at the twilight of the Thatcher / Cold War Era.

F.I.D.E.L takes this as a jumping off point and channels its sound through the care and the musical craft of the past to a yet more modern soundscape using Prophet Synthesizers, Clavinets and Drum Machines to create a fast, nervous, funky, ironic and intoxicating satire of modern-days in our now post-COVID western societies. While most of the musical heavy lifting is done by Dilouya himself, Turrell lays down socially anchored lyrics, rooted firmly in the gritty, no-nonsense world of a working-class man, tracks such as “All About Love”” , Straight Down to Heaven” or “(I Don’t Give a Sh*t About) Summertime” show the depths of this man’s repertoire. Sly Johnson lets his soul rip with a gut reaction to 21st century tech-infused populism on “Out of Sight” and “Star 51”.

This musical connection fused the fun-loving, loud-speaking, trouble-making friends and made them explore with irony and sarcasm the paradoxes of their time to produce what will remain as a unique body of work, testifying to the ambivalence of a generation oscillating between social concern and the desire to party!
Recorded over two week-long studio sessions in Paris, Out Of Sight showcases Dilouya’s timeless songwriting and bold production style, setting the perfect ground for John Turrell’s instant classic vocal performances and Sly Johnson’s revered musicianship and versatility.

Electrifying performances from German songstress Noraa (“Out of Sight” , “Heartbeat”) and Sci-Fi-obsessed DKO Records’ front man Larry Houl (“Odd Things”) complement F.I.D.E.L’s take on how and why music shapes our critical sense and appetite for escapism.

“Between delusions of grandeur and social disappointment, fantasized nostalgia and neon statues bearing its effigy, F.I.D.E.L imposes with Out of Sight its ideal for Civilization to a world that ultimately never changes.”