Mujaji has been recording and producing music since 1995. The group was founded under the name Shmack by 2 brothers: Seto & Thoth. In the beginning, the music was generated with whatever materials and instruments happened to be around and recorded on a 4-track tape recorder. After being exposed to electronic music and the greater creative potential of using computers to make music, the brothers Shmack began to work independently for a period of time developing and refining their computer music skills, as well as cultivating an interest in downtempo and hip hop. They managed to meet up at least a couple of times a year for marathon music sessions which eventually spawned many of the tracks on their first album.

At the turn of the millenium, Shmack became Mujaji and was signed by Shadow Records, releasing their first effort,Free Rain, in April 2001. Mujaji then began developing a live act to perform their electronic material, as well as working on a new album with the goal of incorporating vocals into the music.